Rare fals (jital?) of Jalal al-din Mahmud (1350-1352), Mehrabanid rulers of Nimruz

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al-Sultan/ al-adil Yamin / al-Haq wa al-din/Mahmud // Zarb Nimruz. 19mm, 3.45 grams. Nimruz mint. Tye 129e2; Zeno 140264.

The attribution of this type is somewhat disputed, and it is sometimes placed in Kirman in the 13th century, or under the early Mongols. The Mihrabanid dynasty was a Muslim dynasty that ruled Sistan (or Nimruz) from 1236 until the mid-16th century. It is the third indigenous Muslim dynasty of Sistan, having been preceded by the Saffarid and Nasrid dynasties.