Bronze falus of Hisham al-din Hushang Shah (1405-1435), Malwa Sultanate, India

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Hushang Shah al-Sultan / Dar al-mulk Shadiabad. 15mm, 4.30 grams. Dar ul-Mulk Shadiabad mint. "The Coins of the Indian Sultanates" #M6.

Hoshang Shah (Alp Khan) (1406-1435) was the first formally appointed Islamic king of the Malwa region of Central India. He is also called Hushang Shah Gori, as he was known as Alp Khan before he took on the title Hoshang Shah after being crowned the ruler of Malwa. Alp Khan's father Dilawar Khan Ghori had belonged to the court of Firozshah Tughluq, the Sultan of Delhi. Dilawar Khan Gori was appointed governor of Malwa probably by Firuz of the house of Tughluq, but made himself independent of the Delhi Sultanate for all practical purposes in 1401.