Rare silver damma (qanhari dirham) of Umar III or IV (mid-900's CE), Habbarid Sindh, medieval India (F/T HS21)

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Allah wali / ‘Umar wa na/ sarahu ("Allah is the friend of ‘Umar and his helper”) // Muhammad / rasul / Allah / al-Amir ‘Umar (“Muhammad is the messenger of God, Amir ‘Umar"). 10mm, 0.45 grams. G/G #AS33; Fishman/Todd (2018) #HS21

The rare “Allah wali” coins naming ‘Umar might belong to ‘Umar III of Mint 1 or a completely different ‘Umar (‘Umar IV) who controlled Mint 2 or perhaps a different mint altogether, as these coins are not a perfect fit into Mint 2 coinage (as the rulers of Mint 2 now were making dammas with a “Shahada” legend). They are somewhat similar to the “Allah wali” dammas of ‘Umar I issued in the style of the gubernatorial dammas (Type HS1), but those dammas show a different calligraphy and are much lighter (0.2 to 0.3 grams), and do not have ‘Umar’s name on the reverse.