Quality silver qanhari dirham, Amir Mohamed (early 900's AD), Amirs of Sind (F/T #HS18)

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Billa thiqqa Amir Muhammed wa nasarahu / Lillah Muhammad rasul Allah in Arabic spread on both sides ("in Allah the trust of Mohamed and he makes him victorious / in God Muhammed is the messenger of Allah, Mohamed") . 11mm, 0.57 grams. "The coins of the Indian Sultanates"#AS25; Fishman/Todd "The Silver Damma" #HS18.

Coins of Muhammad I are very similar to those of his father ‘Abd al-Rahman. Muhammad minted only "Billah thiqqa" type coins and ruled "mint 2" area in Sindh sometimes in the early 900's CE. Sind was the first part of India to come under muslim rule. The earliest Amirs issued small silver coins (1/4 dirhams) - all carrying the name of the Amir, but without any dates, so they are very difficult to date exactly, especially since the Amirs of Sind are virtually unknown from other sources. These coins are generally not rare, but are difficult to find in high quality, like this coin.