Very nice silver damma of Amir Ahmd (later 900's AD), Habbarid Amirs of Sind (HS #25)

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La ilah illa/ allah wahdahu/ la sharik lahu (“There is no god but Allah alone, no partner to him”) / Mohamed/ rasul/ Allah al-Amir/ Ahmd (“Mohamed is the messenger of God, Amir Ahmd”). 10mm, 0.53 grams. "The coins of the Indian Sultanates"# AS42; Fishman/Todd "The Silver Damma" #HS25

The crude coins of Amir Ahmd are among the latest in the Habbarid Sindhi series. The inscriptions on these coins are executed in crude angular Kufic. In the Goron/Goenke's "The Coins of the Indian Sultanates" these coins are given the catalogue number 42 as "unknown Amir" and are listed separately from the earlier coins of Ahmd (#10). The name listed on these coins is always "Ahmd".  

Sind was the first part of India to come under muslim rule. The earliest Amirs issued small silver coins (1/5 dirhams) - all carrying the name of the Amir, but without any dates, so they are very difficult to date exactly, especially since the Amirs of Sind are virtually unknown from other sources.