Nice silver damma of Amir Ali (ca.900/950 AD), Habbarid Amirs of Sind (AS #15)

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Billah yathiqu / 'Ali wa bihi / yantasir (“In God trusts 'Ali and through him is victorious”) // Lillah / Muhammad / rasul / Allah / 'Ali (“In God, Muhammad is the messenger of God, ‘Ali”). 10mm, 0.56 grams. G/G #AS15; Fishman/Todd (2018) #HS12.

Ali was the son of ‘Umar II, as mentioned by Mas’udi, and ‘Umar’s successor. Ali’s reign must have lasted for a long time, as we see much stylistic change in his coins: the early pieces are large and well-made, with small neat lettering engraved in thin lines; while the (presumably) latest coins are smaller and relatively crudely engraved.