Rare silver damma (qanhari dirham) of Yahya under Umar I (854-? CE), Habbarid Sindh, medieval India

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Billah yathiqu / Yahya wa bihi / yantasir (“In God trusts Yahya and through him is victorious”) // / Muhammad / rasul / Allah / ‘Umar (“Muhammad is the messenger of God, ‘Umar”). 11mm, 0.53 grams. G/G #AS40; Fishman/Todd (2018) #HS7. 

These coins are attributed to ‘Umar I ibn Abd al-Aziz, the first of the Habbarid Amirs, who took control of Sindh with Caliphal approval in ca.854 CE but ruled as an independent Amir, functionally secceeding from the Caliphate. Hatim, named on these coins, was either 'Umar's heir or one of his governors. Coins of these type are rare, especially in good quality.