High quality and extremely rare! Newly discovered member of the "Yashaditya" series silver dammas, Ranavigraha, early 8th century CE, pre-Islamic Sindh

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Crowned head of the King right / Sri Ranavigraha in a circle around a trident. 9mm, 0.54 grams. Fishman/Todd #Y11.

The "Yashaditya" series coins are usually considered to be Hunnic, but it is very likely incorrect. The "trident" coins naming Ranavigraha are known from a single hoard, published in Fishman/Todd's "The Silver Damma" (https://www.numismall.com/acc/A.Fishman-I.Todd-The-Silver-Damma.html) in 2018. Absolute majority of the coins in the hoard were very poorly struck and were in a miserable condition - this piece is one of the best coins in the hoard, extremely rare in general and especially in this condition. In the book, this "Ranavigraha" is tentatively identified as Jayasimha, the son of Raja Dahir of Chach (the last pre-Islamic King of Sindh). If so, these coins must date to ca.712-715 CE, and these coins were minted in Southern Punjab (north of Multan) during Jayasimha's short exile which followed the Arab conquest of Sindh and sourthern Punjab.