Unique!!! Post-Mauryan silver punch drachm from Gandhara, 2nd century BC - completely unpublished with a new "Imperial" first mark

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Five crude punch-mark symbols in unique style (see below - the Mauryan "Imperial" sun-symbol, present on all Mauryan coins, is replaced with a sun being half-covered with a rainy cloud (?) / A single punch-mark (dot surrounded by arrows and crescents). Irregular flat silver planchet, 19x14mm, 2.54 grams. Gupta/Hardaker - (based on VI IV F 145 (#574)) .

Exceedingly rare and unpublished. The alteration of the "Imperial" Mauryan sun-symbol suggests that this issue belongs to a different dynasty, probably one of the many 1st century BC breakaway parts of the Mauryan Empire in Gandhara region. Unique and high quality coin, worthy of further research.