Silver miri (2 dirhems) of Timur Lang (Tamerlane) (1370-1405 AD), joint issue with Mahmud Jagatai as overlord (1388-1397 AD), dated 790 AH / 1387 AD, Samarqand, Timurid Empire

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Central Kufic legend: La ilah illa Allah / Muhammad rasul / allah 790 (There is no deity except God, Muhammad is the messenger of God 790 AH); marginal Naskh legend, counterclockwise from top: duriba Samarqan // Within octolobe, Naskh legend: Sultan Mahmud Khan yarlighi amir Timur Kurkan uge manu (Sultan Mahmud Khan by the order of Amir Timur Gurkan my word). Samarqand mint. 17mm, 1.42 grams. Komaroff pl. 37, 2; SNA Tubingen 10312; SICA 9, 845; Album 2381 

 A very nice example of a coin of one of the cruelest and infamous rulers of all times!