1106-1142 AD - Scarce AR qirat, issued in the name of Amir Ali ibn Yusuf (1106-1142 AD) alone, al-Moravides, Islamic Spain - rare type!

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Arabic inscriptions on both sides: Kalima / Ali/Amir/al-Mossamin/Al amir/Sir. 12mm, 0.95 grams. No mint, no date (issued 1106-1142 AD), Spanish issue. Mitchiner WOI 384; "Monedas Andalusies" #2400var; Hazard 1008 (?). The Almoravids were a Berber Moroccan dynasty of North Africa, who lived between the current Senegal and south of Western Sahara. It is affiliated to the Berber tribe of Sanhaja and Lamtuna. From the eleventh century to the twelfth century, their empire was extended over present-day Morocco, Western Sahara, Mauritania, southern Spain and Portugal, western Algeria and a part of what is now Mali. At its greatest extent, the empire stretched 3,000 kilometres north to south.