Early type Kai Yuan Tong Bao cash, c.621-718 CE, Tang dynasty, China (H#14.1)

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Four Chinese characters Kai Yuan Tong Bao / Blank. 24.5mm, 3.78 grams. Issued in 621-718 AD. Schjoth #312ff; Hartill 14.1. 

Despite all the research, we still do not know what the very first Kai Yuans were. The earliest of the known dated graves containing Kai Yuan coins is from AD 637 - the coins are the large Kai Yuans which can be easily distinguished from all other Kai Yuans. They are almost always well-cast, of large size and show a very distinct calligraphy. The head on tong is large and nearly semi-circular, the left-shoulder on the yuan is barely noticeable, the dash on yuan is very short and the two dashes in bao are very short as well. These characteristics make these coins easily recognizable and they are usually presumed to be the earliest issue. 

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