Early AR vimshatika, independent Kashi Janapada (c.600-525 BC), India (R-727 var)

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Four punchmarks (see below) / Various bankers' marks. 24mm21mm, 4.75 grams. Rajgor Series 55, #725-727 var (mirrored first and second symbols from 725 and mirrored third and fourth symbols of 727, with an additional large punch (maybe banker's mark?) on obverse).

Rare very large early punchmarked Indian coin, pre-Kasala conquest.

In ca.525 BC Kashi, the long-time enemy of Kasala, was conquered by it, and was administered as a Kasala province until the conquest of Kasala by Magadha in ca.475 BC. During the earlier part of this period, Kashi issued vimshatikas, and later switched to a karshapana standard, closely adhering to the general layout of the Kasala coins. This coin, as well as a few other we are offering, are from an old US collection of Kashi and Kasala vimshatikas and karshapanas sold by Steve Album. These very large early punchmarks are all rare.



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