Scarce Wu Zhu cash, Wei Kingdom, 220-265 CE, 3 Kingdoms, China (G/F#5.19)

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Wu Zhu (abbreviated Zhu, without the Jin component), with characters overlapping with the hole and the outer rims / Inner and outer rim. 22mm, 1.50 grams. Hartill -; Gratzer/Fishman "One thousand years of Wu Zhu coinage" #5.19. SKU T399-51211

Crude, as always, but in an excellent condition for these.

Unlike the other two of the Three Kingdoms, the Cao Wei’s main coinage was that associated with the Han dynasty: the Wu Zhus. The decline of the coinage is evident; the coins are inflationary, getting smaller with the passing time, light, and crude. One of the identifying characteristics of the Wei Wu Zhus is that the characters are always clipped by the hole and/or outer rim (and often both). Almost all the coins have the outer rim on obverse and both the outer and the inner rims on the reverse.