RRR AR drachm of Strato III Philopator (c.25 BC-10 AD), S.468-, last Indo-Greeks in Jammu and Punjab

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Greek legend: ΒΑϹΙΛΕΩΣ ΣΩΤHΡΟϹ ΣΤΡΑΤΩΝΟΣ ("Of King Strato the Saviour".), young bust of Strato II right /  Kharoshthi legend: MAHARAJASA TRATARASA STRATASA ("King Strato the Saviour"), Athena standing left, holding a thunderbolt, control marks right. 14mm, 2.39 grams. Jammu mint. Senior 468 (unlisted control marks), Bopearachchi 1-.  SKU T443-51127
Most of the coins of Strato II show a middle-aged or elderly busts - this type with a young bust was classified by Bopearachchi as an earliest issue of Strato II. Robert Senior, on the other hand, placed it AFTER the elderly-bust coins of Strato II, making it a sole issue of Strato III son of Strato II (the two also issued joint coins). Senior suggested that these were the last issues before Rajuvula annexed the Indo-Greek territories.