Lot of 10 silver dirhams, 1300's, Jochid Mongols of the Golden Horde

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Lot of 10 various silver dirhams of the Jochid Khans of the Golden Horde, The coins are around 15-16mm and about 1.5 grams each. The group is unsorted, containing coins of various types and rulers, dating to the 14th century. The coins are fairly decent, all attributable. The price is for the entire group of coins shown above. SKU T1458-52354

Jochid Mongols originated from Jochi, the eldest of the sons of Ghengis Khan, who died in 1227. The Golden Horde, self-designated as Ulug Ulus, lit. 'Great State' in Turkic, was  established by the Jochids in the 13th century and originating as the northwestern sector of the Mongol Empire. With the fragmentation of the Mongol Empire after 1259 it became a functionally separate khanate. It is also known as the Kipchak Khanate or as the Ulus of Jochi.