Bronze drachm of Kamnaskires-Orodes I (circa 45-35 BC), Kingdom of Elymais

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Diademed and cuirassed bust turned slightly to left with long beard and large bunches of hair at sides; pellet within crescent above anchor with one bar, anchor behind head / Field filled with irregular dashes. 16 mm, 3.60 grams, much nicer than the scan. Susa mint (?). SGIC 5910, Mitchiner ACW 719v., Dobbins Kamnaskires Orodes III A/2  

Elymais or Elamais, (Graecized form of the more ancient name, Elam) were a people who were subject to Arsacid control from 247 BC to 221 AD, and was the name of the region they inhabited (roughly corresponding to the region named Susiana). It was reportedly these people were great archers and natives of Susa, which lies to the east of Elymais territory. Most of the Elymais were probably descendants of the ancient Elamites, who once had control of that area in the past. The provinces of Elymais were Massabatice (later Masabadhan), Corbiane and Gabiane. Nothing is known of their language, even though "Elamite" was still used by the Achaemenid Empire 250 years before the Elymais came into existence. The kingdom of Elymais survived until its extinction by Sassanid invasion in early third century AD.