Bronze cash, rebel and usurper Ho-Qui Ly (1402-1403), Ho dynasty, Vietnam

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Four Chinese characters in mixed scripts - Thanh nguyen thong bao / Blank. 21mm, 1.29 grams. Toda #30; Barker 25.1. SKU Q266-49485

Hồ Quý Ly (13361407), also called Lê Quý Ly. He is often referred to as a rebel, but in fact Ho Qui-Iy was more than an ordinary rebel, and he may be styled an usurper, as he had possession of the capital, and governed the whole of Annam under the name of reign of Thanh Nguyen (title he placed on his coins. In 1403 he abdicated in favour of his son Ho Han-Thuong. Thus, he is considered the founder and first king of the Hồ Dynasty of Vietnam. 

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