Authentic high quality fish-money, Western Zhou (1046-771 BC), Ancient China

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Beautiful original patina, great condition, 72mm long,  8.20 grams. The piercing is original - these were strung together, like the later holed cash. Zeno #10380 or similar; BM (Chinese Coins) #- (chapter 1). SKU hv8072

The price is for a single fish-money  - there are two pictures of it, because both sides are shown!

These are mentioned in Coole, Jen, and other references with ambiguous statements regarding their possible use as money. Fish are "lucky," and there are rituals involving the throwing of fish effigies into water to bring that luck, so there is the possibility that they might have been purely religious. However, all these "fish-coins" had holes in them, and are found strung-up together, exactly the way the later coins were strung up, supporting the assumption they were used as early coins. This coin is unconditionally guaranteed to be authentic.