Authentic ancient Celtic ring money (29mm), 800-500 BC, Central Europe (ex-CNG)

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Authentic ancient Celtic ring cast in bronze, 29mm outer diameter, 13.83 grams, bronze. Nice original patina and condition, attractive. ex-CNG (sold as a part of a large hoard sold by CNG in 2004-2005) . SKU Q170-49302

Before the introduction of struck coinage in Celtic lands, Celtic gold, silver and bronze ring money, celtic arrowhead and bell money were used as currency in Celtic lands in Danube area, France, England and Ireland. Sometimes these rings took a pretty elaborate shape (such as "wheel money" in Gaul, star-shaped rings, interlinked rings etc.) and are very interesting collectible items, that can also be used as wonderful pendants or (in case of bigger pieces) finger rings. An inexpensive way to touch the magical Celtic past.

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