AR Zeus tetradrachm, Azes II (35 BC-5 AD), Taxila Sirkap B, Indo-Scythians S853H

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BAΣILEΩΣ BAΣILEΩN MEΓALOY AZOY ("Great King of Kings Azes"), King on horse, holding whip, right / Kharoshti legend: Maharajasa Rajarajasa Mahatasa Ayasa ("The Great King of Kings Azes"), Zeus Nikephorus standing left, holding winged Nike and long scepter, monograms in fields. 23mm, 9.62 grams. Taxila Sirkap B mint. Senior 853H. SKU Q187-48410

Azes II was king of Bactria from 35 BC to 5 AD. He is often associated with one of the three "Magi", the "Wise Men" or "Kings", who visited Jesus on the night of his birth according to the Gospel of Matthew.

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