AR tanka, Iltutmish of Delhi (1210-1235), 622 AH, by Iwad of Bengal, India (B39)

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Al-Sultan al-muazzam shams al-dunya wa'l din abul muzaffar Iltutmish al-sultani yamin khalifat allah nisr amir al-muminin  / Shahada and Al-Nasir li-din Allah/Amir al-muminin, date in the circular margin around (622 AH written out, the date is nearly complete). 30mm, 10.63 grams. Bengal mint, dated to 622 AH / 1224 AD. Rajgor 825, "The Coins of the Indian Sultanates" B39. SKU Q479-49815

Struck by Ghiyas al-Din 'Iwad as a part of the so-called "second series" in 622 AH (1224 AD). Iwad was a powerful governor of Bengal, who became too independent, forcing Iltutmish of Delhi Sultanate (Bengal was a part of Delhi Sultanate at that time) to mount an expedition to secure Iwad's submission. One of the results of this expedition was that 'Iwad was forced to place Iltutmish's name on his coin (though he still managed to sneak in his own name on some issues).

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