AR drachm of Rudrasena III (348-378 AD), 369 AD, Indo-Scythian Western Kshatraps

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Bust of Rudrasena III right with collar showing, wearing a satrapal cap, date in Brahmi numerals behind bust (291 SE = 369 AD), corrupt Greek inscription / Crescent on a hill over a wavy line, crescent in the left field and sun in the right field, Brahmi inscription RaJna MaHaKsaTraPaSa SvaMi RuDraDaMaPuTraSa RaJna MaHaKsaTraPaSa SvaMi RuDraSeNaSa. 15mm, 1.79 grams. Rajgor "The Studies in the Coinage of the Western Kshatraps" #848-849; Fishman SCWK 34.3. SKU 15006.

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