AR 1/2 tanka, Mahmud Shah (1458-1511), Muhammadabad Champanir, Gujarat, India

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Arabic inscriptions on both sides: Al-Sultan al-azam nasir al-dunya wa'l din abu'l fat'h //Mahmud Shah al-Sultan in a peaked square, date 903 AH (1497 AD) and mint name around. 17mm, 5.70 grams. Muhammadab Champanir mint. "The coins of the Indian Sultanates" G132; Rajgot 2210. SKU Q83-49662

Struck to th heavy 96-ratti standard. Rarer type.

The Gujarat Sultanate was a medieval Indian Muslim Rajput kingdom established in the early 15th century in present-day Gujarat, India. The founder of the ruling Muzaffarid dynasty, Zafar Khan (later Muzaffar Shah I) was appointed as governor of Gujarat by Nasir-ud-Din Muhammad bin Tughluq IV in 1391, the ruler of the principal state in north India at the time, the Delhi Sultanate. Following Timur's invasion of Delhi, the Delhi Sultanate weakened considerably so he declared himself independent in 1407 and formally established Gujarat Sultanate. The end of the sultanate came in 1573, when Akbar annexed Gujarat in his empire.

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