Unique and unpublished variety of AE2 of Zeno (474-475, 476-491 AD), Cherson mint, late Roman Empire

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Bust of Zeno facing right, DN ZENO AVG / CON///, Zeno standing, long cross in his hand, holding a globe, captive at his feet. Very rare, VF/EF. RIC 948 variety.

A unique coin, with unpublished obverse inscription and reverse type. The reverse depicts a captive with an enormous head (the size of the rest of his body) and a cloak hanging from Zeno's left arm, a feature not known to exist on any other known AE2 of Zeno. This is probably one of the later types, when the reverse inscription started to become blundered. "CONCORDIA" is abreviated (as can be seen in lot 20174) into "CON". Same reverse die (but a different obverse die) as lot 20174.