1/2 karshapana of 8 mashakas, Deccan, Upper Tapti (Betul), 340-265 BC, India

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Uniface cut flan with punchmarks: two triskeles surrounded by pellets, taurine symbol in square, and elephant standing left / Blank. 16mmx16mm, 1.74 grams. Unknown issue. G&H -; cf. ATEC 3255-3256 (taurine; Magadha), 3629 (triskeles; Sidhi), and 3680 (elephant; Ujjain-Nagda).  SKU T294-Q163-37246

This uncertain type was probably some local issue from the Upper Tapri area, though it is unknown under the jurisdiction of which city or Janapada it was minted. A few pieces of this type recently came up for sale by CNG selling for 500$ + fees.

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