Scarce Liao Huo Quan cash, Liao Dynasty (?), 907-1125 AD, China

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Huo Quan, wide outer rim / Flat inner and outer rim. 22mm, 2.39 grams. Gratzer/Fishman "The Numismatic Legacy of Wang Mang" #5.137. SKU T2304-52872

Some Huo Quans in a unique style are different from the “normal” coins of Wang Mang. They have a wide flat inner (when present) and outer rims, not the narrow, sloping or “rounded” rims associated with the normal Huo Quans. These coins were first published in Zhongguo qianbi dacidian Qin, Han Bian. According to that catalogue, these coins have been excavated only in Anyang in Henan, Tongguan in Shaanxi and Qingyang in Gansu. More information is available anecdotally from the Chinese coin dealers and collectors, according to whom these coins are found only on sites associated with the Liao Dynasty (907-1125). Interestingly, the size and weight are similar to the coins cast by the Liao and just as normal Liao coins they are sometimes found along with the earlier Northern Song dynasty coins, while they do not seem to be found with “normal” Xin coins. Because of all this, this coin type is now strongly associated with the Liao dynasty, at least among Chinese collectors and coin dealers. Even though this association is not based on hard archaeology and is conjectural at best, it is now well-established, and these coins are now commonly called as “Liao Huo Quans” in China.