Huge & heavy (52mm, 59.5g.) ancient Celtic ring money, ca. 800-500 BC

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Greenish patina, great condition, 52mm, 59.5g.,bronze. Pretty, heavy and thick.Very attractive. Large rings are relatively scarce, rings that areHUGE, such as this one, are quite rare and hard to find!We do not clean our rings - we sellthem as they come from hoards and after washing them with warm water toremove the adhering dust. Although they might look nicer while shiny,rings with removed patina (as many sold on ebay) are arguablyworthless, since it becomes impossible to authenticate it and proveits' age. Celtic ring money are my most favorite type ofartifacts/coins (I bought my first ring when I was a high schoolkid:-), and we have a huge inventory of authentic ring money. When youbuy from us, the authenticity of the rings and your satisfaction areguaranteed :)Before theintroduction of struck coinage in Celtic lands, Celtic ring money(gold, silver and bronze rings), celtic arrowhead and bell money wereused as currency in Celtic lands in Danube area, France, England andIreland. Sometimes these rings took a pretty elaborate shape (such as"wheel money" in Gaul, star-shaped rings, interlinked rings etc.) andare very interesting collectible items, that can also be used aswonderful pendants or finger rings. An inexpensive way to touch themagical Celtic past.