Interesting late drachm with two upper arms on tamgha, ruler Wanwan (?), late 5th-early 7th centuries AD, Chach, Central Asia - Shagalov/Kuznetzov variety 3, #23

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Diademed head left / Circular Sogdian legend around tamgha with two upper arm s, ch'ch'n n'p'ch wnwn xwb ("Wanwan ruler of Chachan people"). 19mm, 3.61 grams. Smirnova -; Shagalov/Kuznetzov variety 3 (#23)Rare with two upper arms on the tamgha!Alternative interpretation of the reverse legend exists, where "Wanwan" is interpreted not as a name but as a title "Victorious".The principality of Chach, whose main town had a square citadel built around the 5th to 3rd centuries BC, some 8 kilometres (5.0 mi) south of the Syr Darya River. By the 7th century AD, Chach had over 30 towns and a network of over 50 canals, forming a trade center between the Sogdians and Turkic nomads. The region came under the sway of Islam in the early parts of the 8th century.