Rare AR drachm w/3 c'marks, Vakhsh, N. Tokharistan, 500-600's, pre-Islamic Central Asia

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Imitation of the Sassanian coins of Peroz: Bust right within a beaded border, three countermarks ("knot" (maybe a local tamgha) in front of the bust, double-faced head above the bust, and a Sogdian word "twh´rik" ("Tokharian") left of the bust) // Fire altar flanked by two attendants. Minted in Vakhsh in Northern Tokharistan. 24mm, 2.16 grams. Gobl 290; cf. Zeno 112172.  SKU T1112-45845

Probably a Hunnic issue, minted by the White Huns (Hephthalites) when they controlled Northern Tokharistan.