Cash-type coin w/Tamgha, unknown King, Turgesh, Semirechye, 700's AD (Kamishev 24)

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Sogdian legend βγy twrkyš γ'γ'n pny ("Fen of King of Turgesh Kagan") around square hole /Tamgha of Turgesh in the shape of a runic letter "P" in the left field. 24mm, 3.93 grams. Kamyshev's #24 in "Early Medieval Monetary Complex of Semirechie". SKU T1685-49298

Zhetysu is a historical name of a part of Russian Turkestan, corresponding to the South-Eastern part of modern Kazakhstan. It owes its name, meaning "seven rivers" (literally "seven waters") in Kazakh, to the rivers which flow from the south-east into Lake Balkhash.When the region was incorporated into the Russian Empire in the 19th century, it became known in Russian (and, to an extent, in European languages) as Semirechye (Russian: Semirech'e), which is a Russian calque of the Kazakh "Zhetysu". The name has also been transcribed as Semiryechye, Semirechye, Semirechiye, Semirechie or Semireche.