Bronze drachm, King Azkatswar I (d.712 AD), Afrighid Khwarezm

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Crowned bust of beardless king right // Chaghanian tamgha in the center, Khwarezmian legend MRY MLK wy/z knswr, small square tamgha in the left field. 25mm, 3.48 grams. B.Vainberg, Coins of Ancient Khwarezm, type 11a. SKU T1749-52053

Azkatswar "Chegan", early 8th century AD (died in 712 AD) was swept away by popular uprising inspired his traitorous policy of collaboration with Arab invaders. It is proposed that his lakab "Chegan" had occured from his foreign, probably Chaganian origin. That proposal could also be confirmed by reverse side of his coins. In contrast to all other Afrigid dynasty kings' coins his tamgha which resembles in appearance Chaganian one is depicted on it.