Late issue AE stater of King Harsha (1089-1101), Kashmir Kingdom, India

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Ardoksho (Lakshmi) seated facing in lalitasana (with right leg folded under and left leg hanging down), holding diadem in right hand and long-stemmed lotus in left hand, legend in Sharada script: Ha-rsha Ra(ja) // Highly stylized King standing facing, sacrificing at altar at left, legend at right in Sharada script: deva. 17mm, 5.67 grams. Mitchiner NIS 188-189. SKU T1544-52492

The later issues were small and dumpy, crudely struck with worn dies. The earlier coins tended to be more coppery, while the later coins were struck in yellow brassy metal.

Harsha, also Harshadeva, (ruled 1089-1101 CE) was a Hindu king of Kashmir, India. Harsha belonged to the Utpala dynasty, of which he was the last ruler. Versed in many languages, a good poet, lover of music and art, he started his rule in a remarkable way, and became famous in northern India.