Bronze stater of Kalasha Raja Deva (1063-1089), Hindu Kashmir, India

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Ardoksho (Lakshmi) seated facing in lalitasana (with right leg folded under and left leg hanging down), holding diadem in right hand and long-stemmed lotus in left hand, legend at left in Sharada script: Ka-lasha // Highly stylized King standing facing, sacrificing at altar at left, legend at right in Sharada script: Devya. 21mm, 5.58 grams. Michael Mitchiner, Non-Islamic States & Western Colonies (AD 600-1979), 183-184. T488-52491

Kalasha (or Kalasa) was a weak-willed man, who involved himself in an incestuous relationship with his daughter, Kalaśa was dominated by those surrounding him at court and spent little time on matters of government until his later years.