AR Indo-Sassanian drachm, Gurjura-Pratihara Empire, c.900-1000, N. India

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Silver Indo-Sassanian ghadiya paisa (drachm or dramma) from Saurashtra and Gujarat (ca.900-1000 AD), Gurjura-Pratihara Empire, Northern India

Very stylized head of Firuz right / Stylized fire altar with attendants on both sides, degraded into a series of dots and dashes. 17mm, 4.00 grams, thick and made of good silver. Mitchener 420-421; Maheshwari "Imitations in Continuity" type 1 (#204ff). SKU T2247-52756

Indian imitations of the Sassanian coins of Emperor Peroz (Firuz), Saindhava/Chalukya/Abhira/Chapa series. These coins were minted in Northern India by the Rajput dynasties of Saurashtra and Gujarat and imitated the earlier Sassanian drachms. There are a few possible attributions, though the attribution to the Gurjura-Pratihara confederacy seems the most plausible (Deyell 1999). The Gurjara-Pratihara dynasty, also known as the Pratihara Empire, was an imperial power during the Late Classical period on the Indian subcontinent, that ruled much of Northern India from the mid-7th to the 11th century.