Superb quality AE19, Bastarnae tribe in Thrace, ca.3rd-2nd century BC, imitating Macedonian issues of Philip V

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Very crude head of the river-god Strymon right / Completely unreadable inscriptions, ornate trident with crude monograms below. 19mm, 5.67 grams. Imitating Macedonian bronzes of Philip V of Macedon (221-179 BC), SNGCop 1299.

Very rare in such superb quality.

The Bastarnae were an important ancient people of uncertain, but probably mixed Germanic-Celtic-Sarmatian, ethnic origin, who lived between the Danube and the Dnieper (Strabo, Geography, VII, 3,17) during the last centuries BC and early centuries AD. Recent research indicates they were far more important and powerful than is generally realized. They may have been of Celtic, Germanic, mixed Germanic-Celtic or even proto-Balt origin.