Spectacular large bronze AE29 from Bilbilis, ca.100 BC, autonomous city coinage of the Roman Spain

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Male head right; dolphin before, Celtiberian P behind / Horseman right, holding spear, Cletibirean BILBILIS below. Mint of Bilbilis  29mm, 14.69 grams. CNH p. 238, 8; SNG BM Spain 861; FAB 259.

Ex-Agora auctions (with the original slip).

The site of indigenous Celtiberian Bilbilis and was situated on the heights of Cerro de Bambola and part of San Paterno, lying to the North of ancient Segeda and 60 km SW of the Roman colony of Col. Caesaraugusta (modern Zaragoza) in NE internal Spain. Its inhabitants belonged to the group of the Celtic tribes of Hispania Citerior known as the Lusones tribe, of which Bilbilis was their capital.