Rare Ujjain mint silver punch drachm of Samprati (ca.216-207 BC), Mauryan Empire, Ancient India

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Three punched symbols: 3 figures, rooster on stupa and geometrical symbol / Small banker's mark. 13mmx15mm, 3.5 grams. Malwa mint (Ujjain). Mitchiner ACW 4246-4247; Gupta/Hardaker ISPC VII I C 26 (#586)Very rare type, without the normal "sun symbol" and the "6-armed symbol", normal on almost all Mauryan coinage. Mitchiner attributes these coins to Samprati, some other authorities attribute this type to Kunala.Samrati Samprati was an emperor of Maurya dynasty who reigned from ca. 216-207 BCE. He was the son of Ashoka's blind son, Kunala. He succeeded his cousin, Dasharatha as emperor of the Mauryan Empire and ruled almost the entire present-day Indian subcontinent. Emperor Samprati is poorly highlighted in history. He is regarded as the "Jain Ashoka" for his patronage and efforts to spreading Jainism in east India.