Bronze drachm of Soter Megas (c.80-100 AD), Taxila mint, Kushan Empire

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Diademed and radiate bust of king right, holding spear, three-pronged tamgha behind / Mounted king right, Three-pronged tamgha in right field; Greek legend BASILEU BASILEUWN CWTYR MEGAC ("King of Kings, Great Saviour") around. Taxila or Pushkalavati mint. 13mm, 2.31 grams. MACW 2981ff. SKU T1068-51188

Vima Takto was long known as "The nameless King", since his coins only showed the legend "The King of Kings, Great Saviour", until the discovery of the Rabatak inscription helped connect his name with the title on the coins. Vima Takto's empire covered northwestern Gandhara and greater Bactria towards China, where Kushan presence has been asserted in the Tarim Basin.