Rare tin pitis, error date 1111 (for 1193 AH/1779 AD), Baha-ud-Din (1776-1803), Palembang mint, Palembang Sultanate, Sumatra, Indonesia

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Arabic inscription Al-Sultan Fi Balad Palembang sanat 1111 ("Sultan of the city of Palembang, year 1111") / Blank. 14mm, 0.48 grams. Krause -; V.LaHaye/E.Spanier & Fils Lith Du Roi #185-187; cf.Zeno 187219 (this coin).
Type with an error date 1111, minted 1193 AH (1779 AD). 
Palembang is a city in the Northern area of Sumatra, Indonesia. It was once a Portuguese colony, and later the seat of the Sultanate of Palembang. The coins of Palembang were cast in the fashion of the coins from Melaka. They are all rare and difficult to find.