Rare! Large tin keping (25mm) of Sultan Maulana Mohammed (1580-1596), Bentam (Benten) Sultanate, Java, Indonesia - Millies 113

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Javanese arabic inscription: Pangeran Ratuing Banten ("King of Banten"). Mint of Benten. 25.5mm, 2.00 grams. Millies #113.

Rare large coin.

The Banten Sultanate was founded in the 16th century and centered in Banten, a port city on the northwest coast of Java; the contemporary English spelling of both was Bantam. It is said to have been founded by Sunan Gunungjati, who previously found Cirebon. Once a great trading center in Southeast Asia, especially of pepper, its importance was overshadowed by Batavia, and finally annexed to Dutch East Indies in 1813. Its core territory now forms the Indonesian province of Banten.