Anonymous bronze obol, Kidarites (Red Huns), ca.4th-5th century AD, forgotten Hunnic Kingdom in Gandhara

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Bull head facing / Kidarite tamgha. 10mm, 0.79 grams. Mitchiner ACW -; Gobl -.

During the 5 year reign of Shapur III (383-388 AD), the KushanoSasanian governors of Gandhara had invited the Kidarite tribes into the state to provide protection against other nomadic invaders. The Kidara soon occupied the KushanoSasanian domains of Northern Gandhara and Kashmir. This coin was probably issued by the early Kidarite ruler who occupied this area. This type was never published, but 3 examples of this type were previousely found. This type is extensively discussed by Mr.Waleed Ziad on his website.