Nice! Silver drachm of Nezak Malka (before 711 AD) w/bull headdress, Kabul Valley and Zabul, Hephthalites

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Bust right wearing winged bull headdress and ear-rings; lengd NAPKI MALKA, control mark behind bust / Attendants and a fire altar, derived from the Sassanian coins, two 8-spoked sun wheels in upper fields. Beautiful large coin, very dark toned silver, 26.5mm, 2.92 grams. Minted in the Kabul Valley and Zabul. Mitchiner ACW 1499.

These rare coins imitated the coinage of Peroz. The Nezak Malkas (c. AD 630-711) were a Turkic dynasty ruling the Kabul Valley and Gandhara as vassals of the Western Turk Yabghu enthroned at Qunduz. In 711, the scion of the junior branch of the Nezak dynasty in Zabulistan unseated his relative, the Nezal Malka at Kabul.