Lot of 5 uncleaned bronze obols, Alchon Huns (Hephthalites), ca.5th-6th century AD, forgotten Honnic Kingdom in Gandhara

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Lot of 5 different bronze obols, mostly Hepthalite types with various animals and tamghas, though there are a few types with busts and altars that might be present. The coins are mostly uncleaned but of relatively decent quality, but most have a legible design and can be cleaned and attributed. Most coins are quite small - 7mm-12mm in diameter and weigh 0.5-1 grams each. The coins are from the Kashmir Smast area and are all extremely rare and were never properly published - a good website that lists and discusses many of these types was created by mr.Waleed Ziad - this is the link to this website: http://www.geocities.com/kashmirsmast/?200917 .The price is for the entire group of 5 coins pictured above. At 9$ per coin it is a bargain group - individual coins of these types can retail for up to 150$.