Fals of Mongol Great Khan Moengke (1251-1259) naming Akhsatan II, Shirvanshahs

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Khan/al-Adil ("the Just Khan") with h Moengke's tamgha in the middle // La illaha illa allah / muhammad rasul Allah / Akhsatan bin Fariburz. 13x20mm, 3.83 grams. Cf. Zeno 220052.

The obverse of these coins names the Mongol "Great Khan" and shows Moengke's tamgha while the reverse names the Shirvanshah ruler Akhsatan II bin Fariburz III (1243 to 1260). Akhsatan II submitted to the Mongol rule (they ended up killing him, though), so he was obliged placing the Mongol tamgha of Moengke and his title on obverse. The odd random shapes were traditional in Georgia and Azerbaijan, where copper coins were struck on oddly shaped flans of random weight the mint is not given on the coins, but they were probably struck in Shirvan (in Azerbaijan) or elsewhere, maybe in Baku.