Beautifully polished plate of fossilized squid, Morocco, Mid-Cretaceous Period, 80-100 million years old

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A large fossilized Orthoceras squid cluster from Alnif, Morocco, fossilized in shale/slate, measuring 270x150mm. Contains a total of three large squid fossils. Comes with a display stand. 80-100 million years old.Large and heavy, beautifully polished and ready for display. Guaranteed to be authentic.The Orthoceras is an extinct nautiloid cephalopod often found encased in marine rock. They resembled modern squids and are related to the squid family. Scientists believe that such clusters represent post-mating mass deaths, common among modern modern cephalopods.We can ship this only to the Canada or US. To ship outside of North America, please contact for a shipping quote.