Silver denar of Louis the Great, King of Hungary (1342-1382), Croatia and Poland

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MOnETA LODOVICI, Saracen's head left / REVERSE REGIS hVnGARIE, Patriarchal cross with random pellets. 13.5mm, 0.52 grams. Hungarian issues, struck 1373-1382. Huszar #547; CNH 89.

The Saracen's head is a pun on the surname of Jacobus Saracenus (Szerechen, in Hun.) and his brother, Johannes, courtiers of Italian descent who were ennobled by Louis. The image of a Saracen's head appeared on their coat of arms. Jacobus became the kammergraf at the Pécs mint in 1352, and the Comes Camerarum Regalium in 1369. He died in the early 1370s, at which time Johannes succeeded him as kammergraf.

Louis the Great (5 March 1326, Visegrád 10 September 1382, Nagyszombat/Trnava) was King of Hungary and Croatia from 1342 and King of Poland from 1370 until his death.