Nice unlisted variety billon tanka of Mohamed III bin Tughluq (1325-1351), 739 AH (1338), Sultanate of Delhi (D370/D372 var.)

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Duriba fi zaman al-abd al-rafi rahmat allah muhammad bin // al-sultan al-sa'id al-shahid tughluq shah, fi saneh tis' wa thelathin wa deb miat. 19mm, 9.14 grams. NM (Delhi?), dated (with the date written out) to 739 AH (1338 AD). Goron/Goenka #D370/D372 var (different style).

This particular variety is not listed in Goron/Goenka. It is the same legend is D370, but the style is very different, much closer to D-372. Interesting and unusual piece.