Billon garzia, James I-Janus, 1382-1432, Crusader Kingdom of Cyprus and Jerusalem

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+ S DЄ ChIPRu · D :, Jerusalem cross / + · S · DЄ IЄrV3ALЄM·, rampant lion left. 15mm, 0.62 grams. M&P pl. 32, 1-2; Metcalf, Crusades -; CCS 126 (Janus or John II). SKU T923-37225

The Kingdom of Cyprus was a Crusader kingdom on the island of Cyprus in the high and late Middle Ages, between 1192 and 1489. It was ruled by the French House of Lusignan. It comprised not only Cyprus, but also Antalya between 1361 and 1373 and Corycus between 13611448 at Anatolia.