Nice! Silver damma of Shibl, Amir of independent Multan, ca.840-861 AD (F/T#M54)

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Sharada legend "Sri Jayan/Ta raja" ("Victorious King") // Three dots, stylized Brahmi "Sri" above, Brahmi letters "Ta" and "Pa+" in fields, below "Lillah Shibl in arabic. 12mm, 0.57 grams. Fishman/Todd "The Silver Damma" #M54. SKU DD137

Shibl must have ruled for a significant length of time, as his coins are among the most common in the entire three-dot series and the stylistic development of the coins can clearly be seen. He probably came to power around 840 CE or in the early 840s CE, when the central government in Sindh collapsed because of civil war (which engulfed the Caliphate as a whole), and the large Province broke into a five quasi-independent states Sindh (Mansura), Multan, Turan and Qusdar, Makran and Mashkey. Shibl was killed in 861/864 AD during the takeover of Multan by Muhammad III, Amir Muhammad bin Qasim of the Banu Munabbih, who claimed the throne of Multan in ca. 861/64 CE and started the long-lived Banu Munabbih (Samid) dynasty.